The material of this course will be mostly based on the following book:

ROSEN, K.H.: "Discrete Mathematics and its Applications". Ed. McGraw-Hill, 2004.

At the library there are several copies of this book at students' disposal. However, a few syllabus topics will not be covered by using that book (about a 10%). Those topics are:

  • LOGIC: Structural recursion principle, method of analytic tableaux.
  • RECURSION: Recursive correspondence, dependency trees, and recursion on lists.
  • GRAPHS: Acyclic digraphs.

This material will be thoroughly covered through in-class lectures. Good, efficient notetaking should be enough to follow. Although not strongly recommended because it is written in Spanish, the following material may be useful to cover the above topics:

  • Matemática Discreta (Segunda edición), published by the Department of Applied Mathematics. It can be purchased at Servicio de Publicaciones (At Publicaciones E.U.I. located at the circular hall just beside the cafeteria), or to be consulted at the library.

  • Digrafos acíclicos, notes written by professors of this Department.

The list below provides additional bibliography (in alphabetical order). All books listed can be found at Campus Sur library:

  1. ANDERSON, IAN. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics. Springer, 2001.
  2. BOGART, KENNETH P. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science. Key College. 2006.
  3. ENSLEY, DOUGLAS. Discrete Mathematics : Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games. John Wiley. 2006.
  4. JOHNSONBAUGH, RICHARD. Discrete Mathematics. Pearson Prentice Hall,  6th edition. 2005
  5. O'DONNELL, JOHN T. Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer. Springer, 2nd edition. 2006.

Some books in Spanish (not recommended if you want to learn more English):

  1. Matemática Discreta (2ª edición), "Notas de la asignatura" editadas por el Servicio de Publicaciones de la E.U. de Informática.
  2. HORTALÁ, M.T.; LEACH, J.; RODRÍGUEZ, M.: "Matemática Discreta y Lógica Matemática". Ed. Complutense, 1998.
  3. GRIMALDI, R.P.: "Matemática Discreta y Combinatoria". Ed. Addison Wesley, 1997.
  4. GARCÍA, F.: "Matemática Discreta" Ed. Paraninfo, 2001.
  5. CABALLERO, R.; HORTALÁ, T.; MARTÍN. y otros: "Matemática Discreta para Informáticos. Ejercicios resueltos". Ed. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007.
  6. GARCÍA, F.; HERNÁNDEZ, G.; NEVOT, A.: "Problemas resueltos de Matemática Discreta". Ed. Thomson, 2003.
  7. GARCÍA, C.; LÓPEZ, J. M.; PUIGJANER, D.: "Matemática Discreta. Problemas y ejercicios resueltos". Ed. Prentice Hall, 2002.
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