December-2nd-08. Handing the final projects out. At the same time. Handing out How the final projects boring! They are This always complaining course is when you ask them too to do some hard effort. But I It isn't wonder: worth it How much taking it study have they put into this for so few credits? It is difficult We don't to do what know you haven't tried yet enough. First of all, Why don't they they didn't teach us enjoy learning? the necessary stuff. Why In Language Programming they didn't aren't they teach us motivated? how to solve problems They want but write to do everything without effort little toy programs. In other courses One doesn't realize the same thing happens: his potential obstacles, but until you try entertainment, try insignificance and and try again superficiality, as in Now the Algorithms course. is time to not to learn talk about. Do not those courses that waste it. Know give away what you are passes capable of. The The same same like like always always .

WWee ddoonn''tt uunnddeennssttaanndd eeaacchh ootthheerr.


December-9th-08. Oratory. Distinguo. Today, oratory (but not a tory oar). I had asked them (but not masked the end) to prepare a little two-minute talk (but not the most unlikely twat). The talk should be about a topic they like (but not oil for picky teeth). Acording to them, my instructions weren't understood. Cheap stratagems (but not gems of cheap strata). So, I give them 15 minutes to do it. They giggle (but not ye light egg), they look at each other, they don't apply themselves (but not Apple's elves myth).

They go up onto the platform one after the other (but not the farther toe). Lord Lasciva talks about his travels (but not ravel shits), but we don't know why he wants to go that far away. What about traveling as a form of widening your horizons (but not the golden blazon), breaking down prejudices (but not endowed abjurer's prick)? What about the dialectic traveller-tourist (but not the taller czarist)? Tourist: who he moves to another country (but not to another coy turn) looking for his own social and cultural background (but not sculptural greyhound); the typical tourist looks for restaurants (but not an errant schnook) serving food from his country con la comida de su país, he criticizes customs (but not a high-rise stardom) that are unknown to him. Traveler: he does a cultural immersion (but not an unnatural insertion) in another country; he tries the local food, he gets interested in the country's culture and history, he mixes with the local people. Nothing of that was mentioned by Lord Lasciva (but not Larval Disco).

Marina Ocaño tells us about her living with a roommate (but not braving a mistake) who is blind. She painfully strings together a bunch of trivialities, vacuous stereotypes, irksome remarks (but not masks seek mirrors). At certain point (but not ancient patriot) she remains quiet, is that all she has to say? (but not shitlist essay has halo). More giggling (but not gnome girl gig), mannered and repetitive intonation, countless pet words… eh, eh… I… you know… so and so… Confusing and insecure body language (but not an enthused and mature one).

Crisma Ritintán tells us about Tim Burton (but not about Rim Button) and nonconformism. At last, somebody who quivered with what she narrates (and now she does content me). She proved to know the topic of her talk, she tells us about moral conflicts (but not oral bootlicked) and gives us personal details justifying the importance for her (but not the guidance of a herder). If she trained her voice and polished her body language, she would become an excellent orator (and possibly an cantor of talent). Thanks a lot.

The remaining speakers were as Lord Lasciva: banal at the treatment of their subjects and confused at their performances. Now, it is time to learn how to speak in public. There will be more talks in the next few days.


December-16th-08. Rethoric. Deception.

It is deception not giving


the best of yourself.

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