English Dictionaries and Related Tools

  • Oxford Dictionary. One of the most authoritative dictionaries for the English language. It includes the phonetic transcription of each word (both in British and American English), examples of use as well as concise grammar explanations. Phrasal verbs are very well covered. However, it is not a good thesaurus dictionary.
  • The Free Dictionary. A complete dictionary: it has definition dictionary, encyclopedia, idioms and acronyms dictionary and thesaurus. Words are not only arranged by synonims but also by similar meanings. It contains examples of use of each word in classic literature. Really good to write a rich English.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary. A classic dictionary for American English.
  • WordReference. Also a complete dictionary, with phonetics and examples of use. It is very good for translating from Spanish to English since it comes with the translation of many colloquial expressions in both languages.
  • English Anagram Generator (by Martin Mamo). I am crazy about anagrams. There is something mysterious in them. I think they are the key to irony. I have used this anagram generator, plus a bit of imagination, to make up student's names in my teaching blogs.
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