First, let me remind you that on Thursday we won't have class.

Here you have your homework for this week.

  • Study the key to the MATLAB programs in Chapter 2. See the page I set up to that end (HERE).
  • Review today's class. When I wrote the notes, I made a mistake with the indices and some formulae are confusing. Find below the corrected version of Section 3.6.2. My apologies for the mistake.
  • Finish the Section by doing Problem 3.6.4 and 3.6.5. Problem 3.6.5 asks you to make a mind map. A mind map is a graph that shows the structure of some content. There are many ways to make a mind map, but I'd like you to follow the next two rules.
    1. When read top down, the content is found in decreasing order of abstraction and importance.
    2. When read from left to right, the content is found in order of presentation.
  • Finish Section 3.7 (the MATLAB programs).
  • Study Sections 4.1 and 4.2. Questions are welcome if you need to.


SECTION 3.6.2 (corrected version).



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